Young Debs Inc
Sisters and Brothers in Mind, Body and Spirit

We are here to serve, inspire and build character-- all in hopes of eliciting the greatness within our young people.


We are proud to present the Young Debs Inc. mentoring

and outreach programs, which focuses on promoting

education as its first priority; reinforcing self- respect and pride,

and providing ladies and gentlemen with the confidence to face the world as refined upstanding young women and men. We welcome all students ages 8-18.

Our goal is to help mold respectful, ethical, hardworking students who will be prepared to face life challenges. We are here to provide a positive outlet for our youth. We also have scholarship opportunities available to our students. So whether you are looking for a program to help boost your self confidence, do better in school, keep you focused, or help steer you on a more positive path, we are here for you! We are currently enrolling students for the 2023 season. 

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